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AI Autopilot1,950 hourssaved per year, per SDR
Savings$74000Annually per SDR
Performant Outbound$100000+Leads generated
Clive JordanFounder/CEO @ Plannerly
The team behind Sail has nailed it – they have created a must-have solution for anyone serious about successful email outreach.
Prashant ChaudharyFounding Team - Growth @ Craze
It used to take a week's worth of manual effort to reach out to 100s of leads in a personalised manner. Now it takes minutes with Sail! Sail helped us take care of critical aspects of sales: finding and filtering leads, as well as engaging them in a personalized manner.
Jaison GeorgeHead of Growth @ Neptyne
As a heavy-AI user, Sail's platform and support is in a class of its own. The Sail platform helped us deliver well-researched, unique (n=1) emails. Instead of common robotic/AI-sounding emails, we got natural emails that compressed our prospect research and resonated with our leads.
Ron FisherCo-founder/CEO @ Mesh
Sail is like an SDR without all the headache. I just set it up and it gets me meetings in just a few hours!

Accelerate your sales with AI.

As a sales leader, you need to see revenue grow. But the only way to make it faster is - well - doing more sales. So how do you accelerate that quick while using your resources? Companies are doing just that with Sail.

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One platform. Everything for sales.

You don't need to come with anything to get started, not even leads.

Superpower your sales team

Unify your entire GTM strategy

Reach decision-makers, no matter the company.

Instead of pulling data from all sorts of places like Linkedin, Apollo, Lusha, and others, just let Sail take care of finding them. Our data is refreshed constantly making sure you only have the best and most accurate leads possible.

Refreshed 24/7Verified emails and phone numbersImport your own leads too
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Move fast and sell things.

As Sail reaches out to prospects and hears back positively, it continuously optimizes to find lookalike prospects.

Heads of Sales
Founders and C-Suite
Vps of Marketing
Jeremy FontainHead of sales @ Openpod
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The best AI-generated outbound. Period.

The best outbound is personalized. Not just {{job_title}}, but instead what your prospect loves to do, papers they've published, events they've led. Sail instantly personalizes outbound to the lead and their company while using unique, reliable facts and data points.

Published an articleCommented on LinkedinRecently promotedNow hiring for new rolesAttended conferenceAvid VolunteerRaised a Series ASearched for AI Tools
To: Mark HalsteadHey Mark Blown away by your experience in patent development and global team management. Also saw your post about visiting France on Linkedin and leading a hackathon - it honestly seemed like a fantastic experience! Cutting to the the chase: my co-founder and I built a pretty darn cool AI-sales automation platform. So far we've been able to 10x outbound sales with our users, while saving them the need to hire SDRs. All this while being completely on autopilot...

Here to sell, no matter your stage.


Sail discovers your perfect audiences and sell, while you focus on building and doing what you do best.

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You know your ICP - let Sail take care of finding and engaging them all without scaling your costs.


Global sales means selling 24/7, 365. Empower your sales teams to close while Sail fills pipeline.

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